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We're Passionate for Clothing and Fishing.

C-SIK's Founder "MOOSIE" started a hunting apparel company in 2018. He traveled to hunting expo's in the western States in early 2019 and found a lot of interest in fishing apparel as well. He decided a few months later to start a fishing apparel company in addition to his Camo Apparel line. Knowing most outdoor enthusiast such as himself enjoys hunting and fishing both, it was a perfect synergy.


CSIK Modern Fishing Apparel provides distinctive t-shirts and clothing designs dedicated to the passionate fishing enthusiasts. With over 50 designs on the shelf, we plan to release new products often and are always interested in new ideas and great suggestions. 


We specialize in lightweight, quick drying, sun protective gear as well as great an innovating shirt designs that can be worn on the Ocean, Lake, Rivers or if you're a Bad@$$ like us, in the Company Boardroom. (If this happens, please send us a picture).

If you found this page and wasn't aware of CRCamo, please visit our other page @ www.CatchAndRelease.US

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