Due to limited supply, we moved all MASK inventory to our hunting website :




Please go there to make face mask purchase.




  • Grey Ripple, Water Ripple, M1-Green, M1-Brown, M1-Snow, M1-Snow/Green  (Or let us pick 5 random colors) (Camo-printed TM)
  • Keep dust out
  • Cover your mouth and nose
  • Washable / Reusable
  • Ear loops for easy on/off access
  • Pick the color option "We-Pick-Random-Colors" and we will select an assortment of colors for your order.
  • If you want specific colors (I.E. 2 M1-Green & 3 M1-Brown) follow up on the order with an email to Moosie@CatchAndRelease.US and let me know

Face Masks (Looped Ear) *UPDATE* See description to purchase